Symphony No. 24

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Symphony No. 24 in Bb major

K173da, K182

About this work

Written six months after his previous symphony, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's Symphony No. 24 in B flat major, K. 182, is dated October 3, 1773. Scored for pairs oboes and horns plus strings, the Symphony is slightly quirky but immediately attractive. The opening Allegro spiritoso starts with a powerful main theme based on a descending tonic triad and a more demur cantabile second theme for strings and oboes, but the majority of the movement is so filled with fanfares and chords that the 16-year-old composer's father was said to have remarked that it was "nothing but noise." In the following Andantino grazioso in E flat major, the oboist take up flutes and the strings put on mutes to perform a movement of consummate grace and tenderness. The closing Allegro is lively and dance-like with opera-buffa like themes and contrasts.