Symphony No. 23

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Symphony No. 23 in D major

K162b, K181

About this work

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's Symphony No. 23 in D major, K. 181, is, like the symphony that preceded it and the symphony that followed it, a three-movement work. In this case, all three movements played attacca in the manner of an Italian opera overture. Dated Salzburg, May 19, 1773, the Symphony in D major is scored for winds and strings. Indeed, the opening Allegro spiritoso is, with its fanfares and chord changes and arpeggios, is more about scoring than it is about themes and modulations. The central Andantino in triple time is a siciliano with the solo oboe singing sweetly above the murmuring strings. The closing Presto assai is a rondo with a contradanse main theme that is almost too quick to be danced alternating with graceful and ghostly episodes that end with a conventional final cadence.