Vorrei spiegarti, oh Dio, Ah conte, partite

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Vorrei spiegarti, oh Dio, Ah conte, partite


About this work

This aria was written in 1783 as an insertion aria for Il curioso indiscreto,

an opera by Anfossi, along with No, che non sei capace and Per pieta

non ricercate.

The aria is one of Mozart's most delicate and effective, especially in its

stunning use of the voice in conjunction with various instruments. The very

delicate orchestral introduction sets the tone of the piece, and the various

obbligatos with the voice and instruments can be stunning. It seems quite

likely that the opera composers of the Romantic era who used similar devices

(e.g. Lucia's Mad Scene in Donizetti's Lucia di Lammermoor) had been

influenced by this aria.

Clorinda, who is in love with the Count, who is promised to Emilia, sings

that she wishes she could explain to him why she appears not to return his

love. In the fast-paced second part of the aria, she urges him to leave

her, telling him to go to Emilia. The whole piece is quite moving as well

as being lovely, and an excellent display piece for vocal agility and grace.