A questo seno deh vieni & Or che il cielo a me

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

A questo seno deh vieni & Or che il cielo a me


About this work

This concert aria is one of the relatively few that Mozart wrote to a happy text--most of what he wrote deals with the darker emotions of frustrated love, anger, or loss. And even this aria starts with music that seems to serve as a reminder of past unhappiness, before dwelling on present joy.

The text is from the libretto to de Camera's Sismano nel Mogol, and in this, Zeira is reunited with her lover. In the first, agitated lines of the recitative, she sings, "A questo seno deh vieni, idolo mio. Quanti timori, quante lagrime, oh Dio, costi alla sposa tua! Dunque tu vivi!" (Come to this heart, my idol. How many fears, how many tears, oh God, you cost your wife! But you are alive!)

The aria itself expresses the contentment she feels, with its gentle, flowing lines, and for the last lines, even the generally soft syllables of the text, "ed in sen dolce discence la memoria del dolor" (and in my heart, the memory of pain sweetly dissolves), compared to the harder consonants in the first lines "or che il cielo a me ti rende cara parte del mio cor" (now that heaven gives you to me, dear half of my heart), further enhancing the mood of forgetting sorrow and rejoicing in love.