Voi avete un cor fedele

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Voi avete un cor fedele


About this work

This aria is most likely an insertion in the comic opera "Le nozze di Dorinda" (Dorinda's marriage), by Galuppi. The text is largely based on Goldoni's work of the same name.

This aria is indicated as being sung by Dorinda, and is written for a lyric soprano with coloratura ability. She starts by singing, "You have a faithful heart, like an impassioned lover, " along a lyric line, and then continues, "But, my declared husband, " and repeats, with emphasis, the "declared." This sets the teasing, detached tone for the rest of the aria. She continues, "What will you do? Will you change? Say, what will happen then? Will you continue faithful?" These questions are again posed in a light tone, rather than passionate doubt and fear.

The second part of the aria is sung in brilliant coloratura, as she answers her own question, "Ah, I don't think so! Already I can see that you could trick me. Not yet, not for now, I am not going to trust you." This section repeats, and then returns to the first verse, repeating the "dite, dite" (say, say), and yet again repeating and emphasizing the "dichiarato" (declared). It ends with the type of flourish that in many of Mozart's complete operas, usually accompanies a character sweeping off.

This character seems to have much in common with many of the somewhat disillusioned female parts in Mozart's other operas, such as Despina, the cynical maid in Cosi fan tutte and Marcellina, in Le nozze di Figaro.