String Quartet No.2

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

String Quartet No.2 in D major

K134a, K155

About this work

This quartet's opening Allegro moderato holds forth with an urbane demeanor and a happy discourse. It begins with a straightforward and good-humored theme that leads to a second idea that is a bit more reflective. Some intriguing and expansive harmonic turns provide interest in the codetta, and the beginning of the development featues imitative treatment of the opening idea. The viola rises to melodic prominence before the end of each half.

Accompaniments often consist of repeated chords and sometimes of more recognizable motivic material.

The subsequent Andante begins with a singing theme that is projected in two voices over a repeated note-accompaniment. Some subsequent material features motivic figuration. The first violin begins the second half of the movement by itself, and eventually the other instruments answer with some chords. The accompaniment soon becomes livelier, and all the instruments join in melodic advancement.

The concluding Presto features a driving leading theme, a second idea with prominent triplets, and a contrasting subject that turns toward the minor mode. The movement features several virtuosic passages for the violins and concludes with a unisonal statement.