Divertimento No.10

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Divertimento No.10 in F major


About this work

Mozart composed a matching pair of works, this one and the Divertimento in B flat, K.287 exactly one year later, to commemorate the name day of Countess Maria Antonia Lodron, a family friend and member of the Salzburg aristocracy. He further favored the countess and her family with a concerto for three pianos, K.242, so that she might perform with her two daughters, both of whom were Mozart's pupils. The two divertimenti are nearly identical in structure and dimension, the principle difference being an extended theme and variations movement in the later work in place of the shorter andante found in the first. The first movement allegro opens dynamically with robust string writing and seamless integration of the horns to provide full body. The second movement andante grazioso is simple but somewhat ornamented. The first minuet makes use of the horns to dramatic effect and these are then at rest throughout the following adagio. A delicate second minuet ends with a pizzicato and the final andante allegro assai is a brilliant, miniature symphonic finale.