About this work

In "Folio I", delicate, 12-tone runs wind gently above complex but tonal chords. Sometimes certain figures remind the listener of Spanish guitar or Arabic oud music, but mostly the lyrical and pensive emotion is undefined culturally. The composer also beautifully employs harmonics at special moments, adding a dreamy mysterious quality. "Folio II" has a slightly Andalusian flavor in its choice of harmonies (minor chords with a second added, or an inverted ninth chord if you prefer) and close melodic figures. Very quick, fleeting chromatic gestures surround these tonalities. The mood is thoughtful and romantic with a touch of mystery. Delicate harmonics add to this expression and close the piece with a lingering question. "Folio III" is somewhat more declarative with stepwise ascending chords with a tonic drone (repeated tone), and a chromatic phrase built on octaves as primary motifs. There are wandering arpeggios that add a searching quality. At the end, a Dowland-esque quote in a traditional minor key suddenly appears, but it seems to "fit". The music briefly returns to its two central motifs, and then ends with a questioning, sly but mysterious slide up to a minor third.