Faschingsschwank aus Wien: Phantasiebilder

Robert Schumann

Faschingsschwank aus Wien: Phantasiebilder

Op. 26

About this work

Schumann's Faschingschwank aus Wien, Op. 26 (1839-1840), is a rather unusual work in five movements; it is more integrated than a suite, but not quite a sonata. The first movement, an Allegro in B flat major, is very nearly a dance suite in and of itself. A principal idea in 3/4 time alternates with six contrasting episodes. The second movement is a brief Romanze in G minor, wistful and characteristic. The third movement, a Scherzino in B flat major, is a scherzo (sans trio) laid out in continuous two-bar phrases. The most distinctive movement is undoubtedly the Intermezzo in E flat minor, a passionate melody with an undulating accompaniment. The lengthy Finale in B flat major, the most technically demanding of the movements, is in a conventional sonata form.