Richard Strauss


TrV 297, AV304 • “Aus Rosen, Phlox Zinienflor”

About this work

Despite having written his "Four Last Songs", at the end of 1948 Strauss yet composed one more song for the soprano Maria Jeritza, who had created some outstanding roles in his operas twenty years before, and sent it to her with an extravagant dedication. Were it not for the interest created by its being "the last thought", nobody would have paid much attention to this trifle. It is a setting of a 7-line poem by the Swiss poet Betty Knobel which, frankly, did not deserve the honor. The singer kept it as a personal memory, and it only became available at her death in 1983. There is no link between Malven and the Four Last Songs. The melody is bereft of any personal Straussian touches, and the piano accompaniment is perfunctory.