Symphony No.29

Joseph Haydn

Symphony No.29 in E major

Hob. I/29

About this work

The opening Allegro di molto begins with a gliding theme shared by the violins and oboes that eventually turns into a somewhat minuet-like dancing feeling. The development concentrates mostly on the gliding feeling. Occasionally the violins indulge some busily chattering figures.

The Andante is scored for strings alone. It starts out with an elegantly ornamented singing theme over a "walking" bass, then gives us a syncopated element. Sometimes the lower sections of the string choir participate in the development along with the violins.

The minuet has a vigorous and earthly feeling, with "walking" horns marking the rhythm. The mysterious trio features an oom-pah-pah figure in the strings with no melody to go over it. Horns accompany in octaves.

The concluding Presto has an on-rushing feeling to it, propelled by rushing figures in the violins, driving repeated notes in the bass line, highly effective syncopations and unbalanced phrases.