Organ Sonata No.3

Johann Sebastian Bach

Organ Sonata No.3 in D minor


About this work

Portions of this work pop up again in Bach's Triple Concerto (for flute, violin, harpsichord, and strings) as well as in arrangements by Mozart for string trio. The opening Andante begins with a spidery eight-bar theme in the upper register with, by the standards of these trio sonatas, a rather rudimentary pedal accompaniment. Soon a second melodic line arrives in imitation of the first, thereby establishing the work's credentials as a trio sonata (two melody lines plus accompaniment). The central Adagio e dolce shifts to F major for a measured, reserved yet uncloyingly sweet movement that may have influenced Mozart's later music for glass harmonica. The final Vivace, back in D minor, again offers two upper voices in imitation, now with a more elaborate pedal accompaniment in a deft triplet rhythm.