Organ Sonata No.2

Johann Sebastian Bach

Organ Sonata No.2 in C minor


About this work

One of the two Bach trio sonatas from which Mozart drew movements to arrange for string trio, BWV 526 makes effective use of its C minor key, carrying an aural and emotional richness without suggesting pathos or high drama. The first movement, Vivace, has two upper parts often bubbling along together in thirds, with lively but never frantic support from the pedals. The Largo, with its gently flowing top voice over an accompaniment in a lower register and gentle bass progressions, would seem almost a pastorale if it progressed over a more rocking rhythm. Unexpectedly, the upper and lower parts eventually reverse their roles. The concluding, quietly determined Allegro is something of a study in fourths. The upper subject begins with an interval of a fourth, and this infects the bass line, with its obsessive, descending fourths.