Prelude & Fugue No.24

Johann Sebastian Bach

Prelude & Fugue No.24 in B minor

BWV893 • “The Well-tempered Clavier Book 2: Prelude & Fugue No. 24”

About this work

A determined, forward-pressing but not too speedy two-part invention serves as the final prelude in Bach's monumental Well-Tempered Clavier. The lower voice imitates the upper at an octave's interval, and successive entries shift through related keys. The fugue announces itself with a passepied theme in the alto voice, with soprano and bass subsequently joining in. A countersubject accompanies these entries, without significantly differentiating itself from the main theme. A wholly new subject does arrive in the bass, initially as an accompaniment to the second entrance of the main subject, and thereafter serves as the principal theme's constant companion.