Christus, der uns selig macht

Johann Sebastian Bach

Christus, der uns selig macht


About this work

This work is listed as possibly of spurious origin in a number of Bach works lists and while it exhibits some features that might be associated with the composer's style, its music may well have come from another pen. That said, it is still a worthwhile piece even if its author is a lesser figure. Certainly, the piece contains less ornamentation than is typically found in Bach keyboard works. Still, his early organ efforts were often short on ornamentation and leaned toward the influence of Buxtehude and Pachelbel. This work, "Christus, der uns selig macht" (Christ, who makes us holy), is well crafted, however, and contains contrapuntal writing that could well have come from the young Bach. The piece presents the chorale theme in a modest though generally colorful manner, the mood somewhat lively and playful on the surface, but with darker undertones from somber contrapuntal elements sounding out in muted, grayish tones from the middle register. Most listeners will like the lively, light character of the piece, as well as its contrasting features and relatively uncomplicated character. In the end, whether the composer is Bach or not, this short piece must be judged a minor success.