Gottes Sohn ist kommen

Johann Sebastian Bach

Gottes Sohn ist kommen


About this work

This chorale prelude, "Gott, durch deine Güte" (God, through Your goodness) is also known by the title Gottes Sohn ist kommen (God's Son has come). It should be noted that Bach wrote a better-known chorale prelude for organ based on this chorale, which serves as the second piece in the Advent section of his masterwork, the Orgelbüchlein (Little Organ Book). This BWV 724 rendition may have been written around the same time and, at about a minute-and-a-half, is actually a bit longer than that diminutive effort. This chorale prelude is relatively simple, Bach treating the chorale theme brightly as it rises from the middle register in single notes, then adds more sonic flesh to its lean frame with contrapuntal activity that enlivens the proceedings but never turns them complex or bulky. The mood is sunny throughout, the pacing unhurried, and there is relatively little significant thematic development. The Orgelbüchlein version of this chorale is much livelier and a bit more colorful, but this graceful and serene lesser-known rendition is just as effective in many ways.