Das Jesulein soll doch mein Trost

Johann Sebastian Bach

Das Jesulein soll doch mein Trost


About this work

Included in the Kirnberger Collection with other Bach works, this fughetta's authorship has been called into question, and therefore its time of composition is uncertain as well. The dates suggested in the headnote above may thus be wide of the mark. Some Bach works lists exclude this BWV 702 fughetta altogether. Whatever its origins, there is much about the piece that would lead to attributing it to Bach. Its contrapuntal writing exhibits considerable skill, for one thing, and its overall quality is quite good. "Das Jesulein soll doch mein Trost" (Jesus So Sweet Is My Comfort) opens with a deliberately paced, stately chorale theme in the middle register, then goes on to a fugal treatment of it. The mood of the work remains largely serene, but with a measure of consolation that is not the consolation related to grieving or loss, however, but to faith and religion as a sort of reassurance that a kindly higher power watches over everyone. The piece is short, lasting only about two minutes, and is quite worthwhile, having the kind of appeal for listeners of many lesser, solidly crafted minor works by Bach.