Johann Sebastian Bach

Trio in G minor


About this work

The musical substance here is by Bach, but the organ arrangement almost certainly is not. The surviving manuscript is not in Bach's hand, and so the piece has sometimes been omitted from Bach editions. The source music, however, is certainly by Bach: the tenor aria "Ich will an den Himmel denken" from the cantata Wo gehest du hin? (BWV 166). In the original aria, the tenor is accompanied by oboe and continuo, and the two principal melodic lines find their way into this organ transcription with hardly any change. The arranger has added a middle voice, which, oddly enough, now shows up as a spurious violin part in the Alfred Dürr edition of the cantata's aria. The primary melody, measured but determined, progresses over Bach's equivalent to a "walking bass" and becomes increasingly intricately entwined with the countermelodies, finally reappearing in almost unadorned form at the end.