Sinfonia concertante

Gosta Nystroem

Sinfonia concertante

About this work

Although born in an inland district of Sweden, Gösta Nystroem (1890-1966) made his home from 1932 on the west coast of Sweden and came to be regarded, of all Swedish composers, as the one most in tune with the sea and the coast. While this Sinfonia Concertante is a piece of absolute music with no stated program, it has the expansive and sweeping gestures that are explicitly associated with the sea in other works, such as the "Sinfonia del mare," "Sea Visions," and "In the Skerry Islands."

The title accurately indicates that this is not a display concerto, but a work where the solo voice is a prominent voice tightly integrated into a symphonic structure, and also has an important role for the orchestra¹s violin soloist. It is a substantial work over thirty minutes long in three movements, even in the somewhat shortened revised version produced in 1952. It is a passionate and intense work. It was premiered in Gothenburg in 1945, with Guido Vecchi as cello soloist, Sixten Eckerberg conducting.