Wymondham Chants

Geoffrey Poole

Wymondham Chants

About this work

Geoffrey Poole was born in Suffolk in 1949. This part of England was the home of Benjamin Britten, and Poole was acquainted with and encouraged by Britten. He also had a strong interest in the music of Stravinsky. This composition was written for the vocal sextet called the "King's Singers" (founded at King's College, Cambridge), which at the time was only two years old.

Poole had long been interested in the ruins of the medieval abbey of Wymondham in Norfolk, which fascinated him when he was a student at the University of East Anglia. This composition uses 15th century or older texts and seeks to recapture the spirit and something of the sound of medieval music. It is a major work at over sixteen minutes in length, and makes a magical and devotional effect.