Zum Punsche

Franz Schubert

Zum Punsche in D minor

D492 • “Woget brausend, Harmonien”

About this work

The list of Schubert's drinking songs is long and more distinguished for its singability than for its musical or philosophical depth. But, then, how deep could or should a drinking song get? In this 1816 setting of his friend Johann Mayrhofer's "Zum Punsche" (In Praise of Punch) (D. 492), Schubert's strophic setting is about as deep as a drinking song should get. In dark D minor and marked Feurig (Fiery) with a powerful piano accompaniment, it seems more determinedly resolute than drunkenly dissolute. Although published and often performed as a solo song, Zum Punsche seems to have been marked on the original manuscript as being for Chor (Choir).