Leise, leise lasst uns singen

Franz Schubert

Leise, leise lasst uns singen


About this work

Leise, leise lasst uns singen (Softly, softly let us sing) (D. 635) is one of the very few Schubert songs to have the name of a specific person mentioned in the text. The Fanny of the final line is Fanny Hugel, a women with whom one of Schubert's friends was apparently infatuated. Composed in 1819 as a serenade for her, Schubert's sweet and sensuous music is, as the title indicates, sung by the unaccompanied pairs of tenors and basses entirely piano. Interestingly, the song has a repeat sign at its end that usually indicates a strophic song, however no additional verses have been preserved. This has led more than one scholar to speculate that the additional verses might have been thought too lascivious too bear printing in Schubert's repressive Vienna.