7 Lieder

Franz Liszt

7 Lieder

S. 547 • “Mendelssohns Lieder”

About this work

These are transcriptions for solo piano of various songs by Mendelssohn: "Auf Flügeln des Gesanges" ("On the Wings of Song"), Opus 34/2, "Sonntagslied" ("Sunday Song"), Opus 34/5, "Reiselied" ("Traveling Song"), Opus 34/6 "Neue Liebe" ("New Love"), Opus 19a/4, "Frühlingslied" ("Spring Song"), Opus 47/3, "Winterlied" ("Winter Song"), Opus 19a/3, and "Suleika", Opus 34/4. Liszt's transcriptions here duplicate the piano accompaniment more closely than is the case with many of his Schubert settings, and as usual, the vocal line is woven into the texture. In several of them, though, especially "Frühlingslied", Liszt adds extra textures to the accompaniment and builds a much more imposing climax than in the original song. In most of the others, though, the mood of the original is retained, even if the scale is somewhat expanded. These songs arrangements were clearly meant for public performance.