Württenberg Sonata No.1

Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach

Württenberg Sonata No.1 in A minor

H. 30, WQ. 49/1

About this work

This is C.P.E. Bach in well-behaved mode, following clear structural patterns and maintaining unity of "affect" in each movement. The Moderato develops themes that proceed in small, broken phrases but add up to a tragic yet noble aria for keyboard (the sort of thing assigned to a wronged operatic baritone). The Andante again proceeds through rather short phrases of varied lengths, separated by miniscule pauses as if the player were improvising, yet the phrases coalesce into themes that are, again, noble and now stately. The concluding Allegro assai in ternary form bustles along over a nervously repetitive ostinato, but manages to leave a much brighter impression than the more serious movements that precede it.