Flute Concerto

Antonio Vivaldi

Flute Concerto in D major

Op. 10/3, RV428 • “Il gardellino”

About this work

Published by Michel-Charles Le Cene in 1728, Antonio Vivaldi's set of Concertos (6) for flute was not only the first collection of flute concertos published in Italy, it was nearly the first set of flute concertos ever published. Most are transcriptions of earlier works or new compositions modeled on earlier works, usually chamber concertos from much earlier in Vivaldi's career. The third of the set is an adaptation of the Concerto in D major for violin or flute and violin, or oboe concertino plus strings, and basso continuo ripieno, RV 90, as the Concerto in D major for flute, strings, and basso continuo, RV 428. Called in both cases "Il gardellino," the work, with its gentle themes for the flute soloist and bucolic harmonies for the string ripieno, lives up to its name. The opening Allegro is as light and evanescent as the opening of "Spring" from the Four Seasons. The central Cantabile is as warm and lovely as a soprano aria from a pastorale. The closing Allegro is as vigorous and dance-like as the finale from a divertimento.