Cello Concerto

Antonio Vivaldi

Cello Concerto in C major


About this work

The orchestral strings begin this concerto's opening Allegro with a genial and motorically driven ritornello. The cello takes up its main tune in the first solo section and extends it through some equally genial passage work. The second solo section begins with a flowingly lyrical descending line and then moves onto some more virtuosic matters. There is a brief ritornello that turns to the minor mode in preparation for third solo outing, a section that features lyrical passage work, and the fourth solo break is again of a more virtuosic character.

The subseqent Largo is a pensively lyrical minor-mode cantilena for the solo cello accompanied by the continuo instruments. The concluding Allegro resumes the genially happy tone of the first movement with a gliding rather than a motoric feel. The solo breaks are all assertive and sometimes motorically virtuosic.