Violin Concerto

Antonio Vivaldi

Violin Concerto in G minor

Op. 8/8, RV332

About this work

The tutti begins this concerto's opening Allegro with a lyrical ritornello whose high spirits seem to belie its minor modality. The first solo break is a lyrical outing accompanied by the continuo, the second features a lyrical line with lots of scalar figures along the way, and the third features virtuosic figurations along with some provocative chromatic slides. The melodic lines of both the opening ritornello and the first solo break frequently echo their own motifs.

A homophonically expressed mixture of contentment and concern from the tutti frame a lyrical and introspective cantilena for the soloist over accompaniment from the continuo in the subsequent Largo.

The strings begin the concluding Allegro with a vigorous ritornello. The first solo break, accompanied by the continuo, begins lyrically and then moves on to some virtuosic figurations. The second and third breaks are both virtuosic outings, the second accompanied discretely by the full ensemble, the third by a continuo pedal point.