Violin Concerto

About this work

This concerto can be played either on the violin or on the oboe.

The tutti starts off the opening Allegro with a happy and straightforward ritornello that is quite graceful in its motion. The first solo break, accompanied by the continuo, begins with an intricately contoured yet lyrical utterance that soon shades into more virtuosic matters. The second break, virtuosic throughout, begins with continuo accompaniment, and the third starts with virtuosic figurations carried on over a background of violins and violas. Tutti interjections in each of the last two solo sections lead to passages accompanied by the full ensemble.

The subsequent Largo is a somewhat reflective cantilena for the soloist and continuo. There is no prelude or postlude.

The tutti begins the concluding Allegro with a happy and energetic ritornello. The first solo break is a happily virtuosic outing accompanied by the continuo; the second, also accompanied by continuo, features lots of sequences and repeated notes; and the third, accompanied (sometimes emphatically) by the full ensemble, also features quite a few sequences.