Sylvia Abramowicz

Sylvia Abramowicz

Bass Viol • Lyra Viol


This talented and musically sensitive performer, a noted exponent of older instruments, began her study of the flute à bec at the Schola Cantorum in Paris. In 1976, she earned a diploma of excellence in the study of ancient instruments. She then turned her attention toward the viola da gambe and enrolled at the Conservatoire Royal de La Haye to study flute à bec and viole. She continued her study of the viola de gambe with Jordi Savall at the Schola Cantorum de Bâle (1984 - 1986). In 1985, Abramowicz and Jonathan Dunford created the duo A Deux Violes Esgales.

She then studied in the U.S. at Indiana University's department of old music headed by Thomas Binkley. In 1988, she obtained a diploma for study of ancient instruments. Her first contemporary music venture was in 1994 in a work by Claire Renard entitled Bréves d'Eté (Summer Shorts). In 1995, she recorded the soundtrack for Bernard Giraudeau's film Les Caprices d'un Fleuve (The Caprices of a River) and in 1997, she took part in the production Tombeau (Tomb), which was choreographed by Santiago Sampere and premiered at the Festival de Danse de Montpellier.

In 1998, she continued her study of the viole at the Conservatoire de Saint-Cloud and at the Conservatoire de Chevilly-Larue. Since then, she has performed with many groups who specialize in the revival of older music with such wonderful names as the Arts Florissants, Les Talens Lyriques, Ensemble Sagittarius, Le Poème Harmonique, and the Renaissance music ensemble Doulce Mémoire (Sweet Memory).

For several years, she has participated in productions of the Péniche Opéra, including Les comédies madrigalesques, La veuve et le grillon (The Widow and the Cricket), and a French-Taiwanese co-production entitled Le jardin des délices (The Garden of Delights).