Swedish Chamber Orchestra

Founded 1995

Swedish Chamber Orchestra



The Swedish Chamber Orchestra was founded in 1995 in Örebro with the ambition of becoming the best in Sweden. In the autumn of 1997, Thomas Dausgaard was appointed principal conductor, a role that he retains today. He set a demanding and ambitious plan into action: to record all of Beethoven's orchestral works. It was during these recordings that the orchestra found its unique sound – and many people are surprised that such a small ensemble (39 musicians) can sound like an entire symphony orchestra.

Since 2004, together with Thomas Dausgaard the orchestra has regularly undertaken world tours, returning with rave reviews to show from their travels. The list of places they've played is getting long: Japan, the USA, the United Kingdom, Germany, Austria and France are just a few of them. And the venues and events have been some of the most prestigious, such as the BBC Proms in London, the Lincoln Center and the Salzburg Festival.

The long-standing collaboration with Dausgaard has resulted in an increasingly broad repertoire with recordings of works by composers that include Schumann, Schubert, Brahms, Bruckner, Tchaikovsky, Dvořák and Wagner. Close collaborations with composers such as H K Gruber and Brett Dean have made the orchestra one of the most ambitious contemporary ensembles in Europe. And the intensive collaboration with Andrew Manze has bolstered the orchestra's confidence in both baroque and classicism.

Images and text courtesy of Orebro Concert Hall