Severino Gazzelloni

Severino Gazzelloni


• 1919 1992

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This remarkable flutist and teacher was just as much at home with contemporary music as with the classics. He began his studies as a pupil at the Conservatorio di Santa Cecilia in Rome. He was the flute soloist of the Symphony Orchestra of RAI (Italian Radio) in Rome and became internationally known as an exponent of avant-garde music who premiered a vast repertoire of new works. He was the first to record flute music by Evangelisti, Luciano Berio, Matsudaira, Castiglioni, Messiaen, and Bruno Maderna. Many musicians consider him one of the greatest flutists, and many composers have dedicated compositions to him. He performed with many contemporary ensembles, including Pierre Boulez's groups, and with avant-garde pianist Aloys Kontarsky. Likewise, Gazzelloni was well ahead of his time in featuring a range of Baroque music, including Vivaldi's flute concertos, in his performances.