Petra Müllejans

Born 1959

Petra Müllejans

Conductor • Violin


Violinist Petra Müllejans is a versatile musician who loves – and plays with passion – almost every type of music. She prefers to do this in a familiar environment with personally close musical collaborators. She has been a member and Partner of theFreiburg Baroque Orchestra (FBO) for many years and leads it as Concert Master, regularly performing as a soloist. She is also among the permanent members of the Freiburg BarockConsort, the FBO’s chamber music formation which has specialised in the music of the 17th and early 18th century that features soloists.

Petra Müllejans’ approach to Baroque and classical music is characterised by the constant search for a narrative method of making music – which she has best achieved in her beloved work in the orchestra, her collaboration with Hille Perl and Lee Santana in The Age of Passions ensemble, and with her Hot and Cool klezmer group. She is a passionate teacher whose work with her students is close to her heart.

Petra Müllejans is Professor of Baroque Violin at the Frankfurt University of Music and the Performing Arts.

Image ©Annelies van der Vegt Text courtesy of Freiburg Baroque Orchestra