Paul Clarvis

Paul Clarvis


• Born 1963


b. 9 April 1963, London, England. Playing drums from childhood, Clarvis played jazz and rock while at school and performed with the National Youth Orchestra. After two years at the Royal College of Music he became a full-time musician. He continued playing jazz, but his interests also turned to folk. Clarvis also played classical music, working with the BBC Symphony Orchestra on a performance of Harrison Birtwistle’s, played at the last night of the Proms, and London Sinfonietta. Among jazz musicians with whom Clarvis has worked with include Alan Barnes, Gordon Beck, Tim Garland, John Law, Phil Lee, Jon Lloyd, Henry Lowther, Sam Rivers, Andy Sheppard, and Stan Sulzmann. With Stuart Hall, Sonia Slany and Thad Kelly, he formed Orquestra Mahatma, while he and Slany launched Village Life Records.

A very talented percussionist, Clarvis displays remarkable technical gifts, which he allies to enthusiasm and flair. His declared favourite musicians include several artists from the long tradition of jazz drummers although he himself is thoroughly contemporary in feel and style. This awareness of the past helps bring depth to Clarvis’ jazz playing, while his work in folk and classical forms is exceptional.