Paavo Berglund

1929 2012

Paavo Berglund

Conductor • Violin


Pavvo Berglund was a Finnish conductor and violinist who made a name for himself in the mid-twentieth century.

Berglund was born in Helsinki in 1929 and began playing the violin at a young age, on a violin made by his grandfather. By the age of 15 he knew he wanted to undertake a career in music and began performing in restaurants and at dance concerts as well as during the summer of 1946 when he performed at the officers' mess in Helsinki when. 

He began his formal studies in the Sibelius Academy, and in Vienna and Salzburg. He became a member of the Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra in 1949, the same year that his conducting career began. He founded his own chamber orchestra and in 1953 he co-founded the Helsinki Chamber Orchestra. Two years later, he was appointed Associate Conductor of the Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra, and served as chief conductor of the Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra from 1962 to 1971.

Berglund was notorious for his strict discipline in rehearsals. His strict manner was quite well-received by orchestra members, however, and he achieved a high level of intricate detail which is evident in the many orchestral recordings he made. Berglund made over 100 recordings.