Motettenchor Pforzheim

Motettenchor Pforzheim


• Founded 1966


The Motettenchor Pforzheim, supported by the Freundeskreis für Kirchenmusik an der Stadtkirche Pforzheim (the Friend's Circle for Church Music of the Pforzheim City Church), was founded in 1966 by Professor Rolf Schweizer and is now led by Kord Michaelis, who is the State Kantor of Mittelbaden.

The choir regularly broadcasts, conducts concert tours, and records; at the same time, it assumes regular liturgical duties as the choir of the Evangelischen Stadtkirche Pforzheim (Evangelist Town Church of Pforzheim). The a cappella concerts have brought acclaim to the choir for their balanced, homogenous sound and professionalism. The choir also works with the Bachorchester Pforzheim and the Oratorienchor Pforzheim in the performance of cantatas and oratorios.

The Motettenchor is a mixed choir of approximately 60 to 70 members. The group concentrates on the a cappella literature, from Heinrich Schütz and Johann Sebastian Bach to Max Reger and contemporary works, many of which have been premiered by the group.

The Motettenchor receives its younger members from the Jugendkantorei, young boys and young adults who have passed through a succession of various choir levels within the Evangelischen Singschule (Evangelical School of Singing), also created by Rolf Schweizer. Also, interested singers may sing along with the Motettenchor during the Bachkantaten für Mitsingen (Bach Cantata Singalongs).