Matthias Weckmann

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Matthias Weckmann


• 1616 1674


Studying music with Schutz at the Dresden court, this German organist and composer carried on the traditions of his teacher. He held appointments with the electoral chapel in Hamburg, was the organist under Schutz at Nykobing, Denmark, returned to Dresden finally settling in Hamburg as the organist of the Jakobikirche. Weckmann is also attributed with founding a musical college in Hamburg in 1660. Numerous compositions were attributed to Weckmann but most of them in ascribed in error. Anonymous manuscripts were said to be in his handwriting but late analysis has shown that this simply was not the case. The writing was the only reason for having attributed this compendium of works to Weckmann; accordingly, these compositions remain anon. The compositions which are Weckmann's clearly show that he was not a composer of convention but continued on a singular path, following the lead of his teacher, with the use of sympathetic textual arrangements and powerful dissonances with a complex use of counterpoint.