Mario Rossi

Mario Rossi


• 1902 1992


Rossi wrote lyrics for the first time in 1936 for Gastão Lamounier's song "E o Destino Desfolhou," recorded by Carlos Galhardo in 1937 for Odeon. In that same year, he wrote a poetry book, Poemas Para Ler e Esquecer. His songs -- with several partners like Gastão Lamounier, Roberto Martins, Marino Pinto, Newton Teixeira, and Vicente Celestino -- were recorded by Carlos Galhardo, Gilberto Alves, Dalva de Oliveira, Nelson Gonçalves, Vicente Celestino, and others. His first hit was "Renúncia," with Roberto Martins, and became Nelson Gonçalvesj' first hit. He wrote "Dorme Que Eu Velo Por Ti" in 1942, "Beija-me" (1943), and "A Valsa dos Noivos" (1944) with Roberto Martins. With Gastão Lamounier, he wrote the valse "Restos de Ventura" (1938). In 1975, he wrote the samba "Orgulhosa" with Adelino Moreira.