Jean-Joseph de Mondonville

Jean-Joseph de Mondonville


• 1711 1772


Mondonville was a popular French violinist whose instrumental career was established through many public and court performances from 1734-39. Payment records show that he performed at least 100 concerts at Versailles, Compiegne, Fontaine-bleau and Marly in 1739 alone. In addition to being an important performer, Mondonville produced operas and grand motets at the Academie Royale de Musique. He also worked in the Theatre des Petits-Cabinets. He was happily married for 25 years to a fellow musician, Anne-Marie Boucon. Mondonville did not produce a great volume of work, but some of his compositions were very popular. His opera =Le carnaval du Parnasse was performed 35 times in 1749 and was revived many times in the following years. His best known compositions are his =Pieces de clavecin avec voix ou violin= and =Pieces de clavecin en sonates= because they combine the attributes necessary for the successful performance of both the violin and the harpsichord.