Jean-Baptiste Morin

Jean-Baptiste Morin


• 1677 1745


Morin served his entire musical life with the royal family of Orleans. He was a master of the chapel as well as a member of the Duke's household musicians. As the duke preferred music in the Italian style a group of musicians in his service contributed significantly to the development of the cantata form in France. Morin was a memebr of this circle of musicians that also included Bernier, Stuck and Campra. Morin's most important musical contribution was his cantatas. The innovations which he made in the French cantata had a profound influence. These compositions represented a unification of the French and Italian styles. He retained the melodic airs and dolce character of the French while adding Italian accompaniments, rhythms and modulations. Morin thought his divertissement was his most important work. It was quite popular because of the use of conventional forms and lucid tone painting. Instruments ideally employed included French hunting horns which were consistent with the royal sport but Morin realistically reduced the divertissement to the form of a trio for violin, oboe and continuo.