Ina Siedlaczek

Ina Siedlaczek


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German soprano Ina Siedlaczek demonstrated musical abilities as a child and played violin, viola, piano, and organ. She attended the Academy for Music in Darmstadt, where she studied voice with Irmhild Wicking, and she also studied with Heidrun Luchterhandt at the Academy for Church Music in Heidelberg, and Vera Scherr in Mannheim. Siedlaczek received her degree in music therapy in 2001, and pursued further studies with Claudia Eder, Andreas Scholl, and Ton Koopman. As a specialist in early vocal music from the time before Bach, Siedlaczek performs solo cantatas and oratorios, and has appeared with the Lautten Compagney, Amarcord, the Bach Consort Leipzig, the Johann Rosenmüller Ensemble, the Netherlands Bach Choir and Baroque Orchestra, and the Himlische Cantorey. She is a vocal coach at the Cathedral School of Paderborn, and lectures at the University of Paderborn and the Academy of Music in Detmold. Siedlaczek has recorded for Audite and Carus.