Heinrich Albert

Heinrich Albert


• 1604 1651


Heinrich Albert was a poet and composer who was influenced by Schein and studied with Johann Stobaeus. His main contribution to musical composition was his "Arien": 170 songs contained in eight volumes. Some of the songs which he wrote were set to his own poetry but many were the works of Simon Dach (among others). Albert's melodies were not only popular in the common sense but in a "classical" manner as well such that 25 of the melodies became chorales. The songs were both sacred and secular having been composed for and dedicated to friends on the occasions of weddings, funerals, entertainment, and anniversaries. Contained in these dedications is the history of Konigsberg during Albert's life. His pieces also demonstrate the appeal of strophic and syllabic song stylings. There are only a few exceptions to this among the 170. The first two volumes are also important as a study for the practice of basso continuo during the Baroque era.