Forte Di Quattro

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Forte Di Quattro

Vocal Quartet

• Founded 2017


The vocal trio Forte was formed in 2013 by tenors Josh Page, Fernando Varela, and Sean Panikkar, who were strangers before they tried out for the televised competition America's Got Talent, but found their combined voices created a good blend for the lyrical melodies and rich harmonies they offer. The three vocalists are no neophytes, for they have already established separate careers: Page has appeared in concert with Josh Groban and Jackie Evancho, Panikkar has sung at the Metropolitan Opera and the San Francisco Opera, and Varela has toured many countries around the world. After becoming a phenomenon on America's Got Talent and winning recognition in the popular and classical crossover categories, the group released an eponymous album on Columbia, comprised of their most popular numbers.