Floraleda Sacchi

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Floraleda Sacchi


• Born 1978

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Floraleda Sacchi is an Italian harpist, writer, and musicologist. A pupil of Lisetta Rossi, Alice Giles, Judy Loman, and Alice Chalifoux, Sacchi studied in Italy, the United States, and Canada. She gave over 600 concerts internationally between 1998 and 2012, and she participated in many competitions and festivals. She plays a variety of instruments, including the pedal harp, the Celtic harp, the electric harp, and historical harps, and she has performed and written about harp music of the 18th and 19th centuries, rediscovering works by Sophia Giustina Corri-Dussek, Elias Parish Alvars, and Alphonse Hasselmans. Sacchi has created dramatic presentations that combine actors and musicians, such as her Mystery Tales for actor, harp, and string quartet; Travel to the Moon for actor, harp, and planetarium, which has been performed at the Milan Planetarium; and Donna non rieducabile, performed with Ottavia Piccolo's narration. Sacchi is the artistic director of the Lake Como Festival. She has recorded for Tactus, Amadeus Arte, and Decca.