Daniel Purcell

Daniel Purcell


• 1664 1717


Overshadowed by his famous brother, Henry Purcell, Daniel Purcell ( c. 1664-1717) was nevertheless an important composer whose works include cantatas, odes, anthems, and incidental music for plays. Born in London, Purcell became organist of Magdalen College, Oxford, around 1690. He returned to London after his brother's death, working as an organist and writing incidental music for many plays. Purcell was interested in writing an opera based on a libretto derived from Quinault's Orlando furioso; the project, however, was never completed. His instrumental compositions, published around 1710, include trio sonatas and sonatas for recorder, as well as works for other instruments In 1713, Purcell published a collection of Italian cantatas with English texts. He died in 1717.