Christopher Young

Christopher Young


• Born 1958


Christopher Young composed film scores for over 50 movies beginning in 1980, including Hellraiser (1987), The Five Heartbeats (1991), Murder in the First (1995), and Wonder Boys (2000); as well as scores for TV movies such as Vietnam War Story: The Last Days (1989), Max and Helen (1990), and the project that garnered him an Emmy nomination, 1996's Norma Jean and Marilyn. Born in Redbanks, NJ, Young attended the Manhattan School of Music, North Texas State University, and UCLA before scoring his first film, 1980's The Power. He went on to work with director John Dahl and for Miramax and Paramount, scoring many more movies -- often horrors and thrillers -- including Oasis (1984), Bat 21 (1988), Copycat, Tales From the Hood (1995), and Rounders (1998). Young opened a studio in the early '90s and has regularly lectured at UCLA.