Cameron Carpenter

Born 1981

Cameron Carpenter


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Cameron Carpenteris having a ball smashing the stereotypes of organists and organ music, and all the while generating international acclaim and controversy unprecedented in his field. Cameron's repertoire –from the complete works of J. S. Bach to film scores, his original compositions and hundreds of transcriptions and arrangements –is probably the largest and most diverse of any organist. He is the first 'concert organist' in history to prefer the digital organ to the pipe organ, and to champion it as the future of the instrument.

In2014, Cameron launched his International Touring Organ -a monumental cross-genre digital organbuilt by Marshall & Ogletree tohis own design -in extensive tours in Europe and the USA. His Sony Music debut album If You Could Read My Mindentered Billboard's Traditional Classical chart at No. 1 on its US release.A former child prodigy, Cameron Carpenter trained at the American Boychoir School, the North Carolina School of the Arts and has two degrees from The Juilliard School. He holds the2012Leonard Bernstein Award, is the first solo organist ever nominated for a GRAMMY® Award for a solo album, and has appeared with many of the great orchestras around the world; he has spoken and debated at think tanks and conferences including TED, IdeaCity, The Entertainment Gathering, and many more.

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