August Klughardt

August Klughardt


• 1847 1902


Klughardt formed a friendhsip with Liszt in 1869 while Klughardt was the director of the court musicians at Weimar. In 1873, at the performance of Liszt's "Christus" he met Wagner who influenced a great deal of his music. Klughardt had studied at Cothen, Dessau and Dresden and held theatre positions in Posen, Neustrelitz and Lubeck before meeting Liszt. The compositional forte of Klughardt was the operatic form including "Mirjam," "Iwein," and "Die Hochzeit des Monches." The music of Klughardt demonstrates characteristic influences of Wagner and the new German School with apparent classical leanings. Instrumentally Klughadrt also had some achievement with cello and violin concertos.