Antonio Rosetti

Antonio Rosetti


• ca1750 1792


Antonio Rosetti -- originally Anton Rösler -- was born about 1750 in Bohemia, in the town of Litomerice. So little is known about his early life that not even the year of his birth can be named with certainty, but at the time of his death in 1792 he was described as being 42 years of age. The earliest information about him concerns his first (believed) education, which was under Jesuits in his homeland of Bohemia. However, in 1773 he made a departure, joining the Hofkapelle of Prince von Öttingen-Wallerstein. It was during his stay here that Rösler modified his name to the Italian form by which he is generally known today: Antonio Rosetti. He remained in the service of the prince for 16 years, before moving again -- still in Germany -- to become Kapellmeister to the Duke of Mecklenburg-Schwerin. Rosetti died in the Duke's service.

Rosetti wrote a great deal of music, including a great number of symphonies and concerti. His musical style was one of lightness, and his orchestral works often sparkle with humor and joy. Various jokes and tricks riddle several his symphonies, intended to surprise and delight the listener. Rosetti is slightly known for his horn concerti, but in his day his symphonies were widely published across Europe, attesting to their popularity.