Alain Planès


Soloist, chambrist, accompanist, teacher – every aspect of his art arouses his interest. Moreover, he had the opportunity of discovering the entire classical and contemporary repertoire by playing it through on two pianos with François Michel, a friend of Stravinsky’s, in whose home Michel had mingled with the great intellectual figures of the time such as Malraux, Deleuze, Cassandre, and later Miró.

When he returned to France a few years later it was to become, at the request of Pierre Boulez, solo pianist of the Ensemble Intercontemporain, where he remained until 1981. His in-depth work with such eminent composers as Boulez, Stockhausen, Ligeti and Berio set the final seal on the eclecticism of his playing, and prompted the foremost music festivals to seek out his presence. These include La Roque-d’Anthéron, Montreux, Aix-en-Provence, and the prestigious Marlboro Festival where he has appeared for many years now, faithful to his exceptionally close association with Rudolf Serkin.

Text and images courtesy of harmonia mundi