Gandolfi, Prior & Oliverio: Orchestral Works

Gandolfi, Prior & Oliverio: Orchestral Works

Robert Spano

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  • I. Sky and Water

    Elizabeth Koch Tiscione


  • II. Duetti misteriosi

    Elizabeth Koch Tiscione


  • III. Hymn of the Five Suns

    Elizabeth Koch Tiscione


  • IV. Mandelbrot’s Scherzo

    Elizabeth Koch Tiscione


  • R. Prior: Of Shadow and Light
  • Of Shadow and Light

    Atlanta Symphony Orchestra


  • James Oliverio: Double Timpani Concerto "Dynasty"
  • I. Impetuous

    Mark Yancich


  • II. Naïveté

    Mark Yancich


  • III. Interlude

    Mark Yancich


  • IV. Ancestors Within

    Mark Yancich


  • V. Destiny

    Mark Yancich


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Album review

“The Atlanta Symphony Orchestra has held to its niche through numerous changes in musical fashion and changes in its level of popularity, continuing to deliver contemporary music that communicates directly with audiences and exploits the virtuoso capabilities of the orchestra members. For a new example of their praiseworthy consistency, check out this 2020 release featuring the orchestra's longtime music director, Robert Spano. All three of the works included were commissioned by the orchestra, have all been performed multiple times, and are all a lot of fun. The highlight is the five-movement Double Timpani Concerto of James Oliverio, the kind of work percussionists live for. It had its genesis in a long friendship between the two brothers, Mark and Paul Yancich, who play the two timpani, and the composer. The performance is confident and sharp even with such difficult effects as timpani-harp duos. The other two works are also attractive. Michael Gandolfi's Imaginary Numbers combines a four-movement symphonic shape with vivid programmatic elements depicting such novel images as an M.C. Escher print showing geese turning into fish as they approach water. Richard Prior's ...of Shadow and Light..., the interlude, is an impressive orchestral showpiece. The booklet does not specify a recording location, but it is presumably the symphony's Woodruff Arts Center in Atlanta, and it throws all the fine playing here into sharp relief.”

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    27 March 2020